Waddenstee    Watch the invironment

The Waddenstee is the ideal place for rest and relaxation. A possibility to escape from the daily stress this world can give. The Waddenstee is a perfect base for fishing, walking, cycling, canoeing, walking across the Wadden area and walking the famous Pieterpad route.

Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer

The National park Lauwersmeer is located nearby and is beautiful in each season of the year. In the National park there are different excursions and boat trips in which you can participate. For bird lovers there is the possibility to experience unique private excursions, in which you often get the chance to spot rare birds.

De Klutenplas

Even closer to the Waddenstee then the National park is ‘the Klutenplas’. The klutenplas is located just behind the seawall just north-west of Westernieland. The triangular-shaped ex-salt marsh is made in a playful piece of landscape with various embankments and different water features. This all is realised by the foundation ‘’The Groningen Landscape’’. This foundation offers different unique excursion to nature reserves in the province.

Seal sanctuary

The famous seal Sanctuary is located at the nearby village of Pieterburen. In the Netherlands we have two types of seals: the normal and the gray seal. You can find both species along the coast. Most Dutch seals, gray 2500 and 7500 ordinary life in the Wadden Sea. A unique area as a World Heritage site. The Wadden Sea will become just like for example the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Yellowstone National Park in America special protection. The seal sanctuary catches sick seals and left alone babies (howlers), and after that the sanctuary takes care of them. In the seal sanctuary it is possible to watch this whole process! And not to forget the cute baby seals.

The Tea factory

Each of the charming little villages around the Waddenstee is different and has it own style. For example Houwerzijl, where the Tea-museum is located. In the unique tea-museum the complete story about Tea is explained. The museum uses a set of different theatrical decors to concretize this story on a unique manner. A visit to the museum gives an interesting expedition through the world of tea from plant till the drink. Watch, smell and touch! Almost everything is allowed in this magnificent museum.


From the harbour in Lauwersoog it is possible to take the ferry to the small island Schiermonnikoog. Schiermonnikoog is the smallest one of five inhabited island from Holland. We really recommend a trip to this stunning island.

Walking and cycling

The Waddenstee is the ideal starting base for different cycling or walking routes:

LF 10 Waddenzeeroute 270 km (long distance cycling route)

LAW 5-5 Wad- en Wierdenpad 123 km (long distance walking route)

LAW 9-1 Pieterpad part one 233 km (long distance walking route)